Who Is Your Favorite Composer?

felix mendelssohn
Queen Liliʻuokalani
John Coltrane
Johannes brahms
Joseph Haydn
Wolfgang Mozart

Who Is Your Favorite Composer?
You’re worldly.
Mendelssohn was greatly inspired by his many travels throughout Europe. He loved to express his reflections on his surroundings through music as well as visual art, and began composing some of his most famous pieces while away from home. If Mendelssohn is your favorite composer, you are eager to broaden your horizons! You draw energy and inspiration from the world around you.

Want to hear one of his compositions? Watch our students perform his work here!
You’re compassionate.
Did you know that the last Hawaiian monarch was a prolific composer? She composed more than 200 works, blending indigenous Hawaiian and Western musical styles. Her work popularized Hawaiian music in the United States, and helped her lead her people through crisis. Queen Liliʻuokalani valued peace and togetherness. If Queen Liliʻuokalani is your favorite composer, you seek to spread love, compassion, and the aloha spirit.

Want to hear what she was all about? Check out this performance of Overture On Themes From The Songbook Of Her Majesty Queen Liliʻuokalani arranged by Michael-Thomas Foumai.
You’re passionate.
John Coltrane was an American Jazz trailblazer. The talented saxophonist worked his way up the budding jazz scene, joining local musicians, and finally playing with greats like Thelonius Monk and Miles Davis. Despite suffering from liver cancer, he continued to record and perform, continually reinventing his sound and eager to spread his message. If John Coltrane is your favorite artist, you are a hard-worker who will pursue your passions relentlessly.

Are you a jazz fan? Watch our Summer Jazz Intensive students perform Coltrane’s “Equinox” here! Image source: johncoltrane.com
You’re an intellectual.
Brahms loved to read, and his house was full of books, along with the collected manuscripts of musical masters that he admired. Brahms was also a passionate debater and enjoyed conversing with other intellectuals. If Brahms is your favorite composer, you have a passion for knowledge! You’re inspired by your teachers and peers and love to learn new things.

Watch our PMI Students perform his work here!
You’re humble.
Haydn came from humble beginnings. He worked from a young age as part of a Church chorus, and later became an accompanist for voice lessons under his mentor, Nicola Porpora. Haydn wrote music because he loved to, not to chase fame or success. If Haydn is your favorite composer, you are hard-working and humble. You love to pursue your passions, and are not overly concerned with the results.

Did you know Haydn popularized the String Quartet? Watch our SSQ Students perform his work here!
You're determined.
Beethoven persevered at doing the work he was most passionate about despite becoming progressively more deaf throughout his career. He wrote some of his most important works in the last decade of his life when he was nearly unable to hear! If Beethoven is your favorite composer, you love to be challenged and are determined to reach your goals, even when met with adversity.

Watch our students perform Beethoven’s String Quartet in B-flat Major here!
You’re joyful.
Mozart was a child prodigy who believed in and nurtured his genius. He worked hard to advance himself musically, but he also had a joyous personality and is famous for his sense of humor. Mozart loved to make people laugh. If Mozart is your favorite composer, your positivity and ambition is infectious, and you’re not above some silliness and pranking either.

Did you know we had a Woodwind Quintet at PMI 2021? Watch them perform Mozart’s work here!