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Which Composer Is Your Long-Lost Relative?
Ludwig van Beethoven


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Beethoven’s wide-ranging music dominated his era and was so powerful that you couldn’t resist listening to it. It’s no wonder that he would be your long-lost relative!

Beethoven song we love: 9th Symphony (Ode to Joy)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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At the heart of Tchaikovsky’s work are ballets and biographical symphonies, no wonder this Russian composer was known as a romantic! Much like how Tchaikovsky’s music charmed and enchanted those who listened, people are always amazed by your charm, which is why he would be your long-lost relative.

Our Tchaikovsky favorite: 1812 Overture / Nutcracker / Swan Lake
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Mozart

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Mozart defined the classical era, which is what made him such an iconic composer. The work that Mozart did feels like magic and he had a heavy influence on later music history. One trendsetter to the next, he would definitely be your long-lost relative!

Mozart must-listen: Magic Flute
Johann Sebastian Bach

JS Bach

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Bach’s spirit dwells in nearly every note he’s written, each piece containing a strong, emotional power. Bach was truly enlightened, to say the least, and you are both aware of your higher selves. Of course he would be your long-lost relative!

Our favorite Bach piece: Brandenburg Concerto
Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

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Vivaldi left a distinct mark on the form of concerto and the style of Baroque instrumental music. He only held one full-time post because he preferred life as a freelance composer for its flexibility and entrepreneurial opportunities. He had no shame in wanting to lead a good life and wanting to make a good impression with his work, which is why he would be your long-lost relative!

Vivaldi work that we love: Four Seasons
Claude Debussy


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Debussy created lyrical melodies, poetic piano works, and chamber music that feel light and airy. It leaves a gentle impression on you but is still inspiring and makes you stop and listen. You can almost feel the peace and ease that radiates from his work. That’s why he would be your long-lost relative!

Debussy song we love: Clair de Lune
Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky

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Stravinsky’s music is precise, energetic, and brilliant! His style remained the same though he constantly reinvented himself and his integrated approach to art has been everlasting. If anyone were to be your long-lost relative, it’s Stravinsky!

Song by Stravinsky we love: The Rite of Spring
Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin

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Chopin is one of those composers where you can tell it’s him in just a few notes. His music is impeccably crafted, elegant, and has resonated across time and culture. Chopin has inspired millions of pianists, teachers, and composers- no wonder he would be your long-lost relative!

Our Chopin favorite: Nocturnes
Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn

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Haydn played a key role in the development of chamber music by laying the foundations for the development of symphonies and string quartets. When looking from the point of view of sheer enjoyment, few can even come close to comparing to Haydn- his energy exudes out of every work! That’s exactly why he would be your long-lost relative.

Haydn piece that we love: Farewell Symphony #45