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What Song Does Your Study Playlist Need?
Timed Tempos

Timed Tempos

If you really need to put in work during this study session, try adding some timed tempos to your study playlist! Timed tempos are songs timed at 60 beats per minute, which helps put your mind at ease while helping you be more productive and creative.

Top tempo tune: Concertos for Recorder – Georg Philipp Telemann
Modern Electronic

Modern Electronic Music

You can’t force creativity, sometimes you just have to let it come to you. Which is exactly why you should add some modern electronic music to your study playlist! Don’t let its name intimidate you, modern electronic music will help you chill out and relax your mind while encouraging creativity.

Mystifying modern electronic music: Music for Airports – Brian Eno
Classical Tunes

Classical Tunes

If you’re stressing out about a big study session that will likely keep you up late, you need to add classical music to your study playlist! Classical music is peaceful and harmonious, which will help create a calm study environment while also helping you focus. A few of the most acclaimed composers (and some of our faves) are Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Tchaikovsky.

Top classical tune suggestion: Cello Suite #1 – Bach
Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

If you’re easily distracted but also can’t seem to focus in complete silence, you should add some instrumental music to your study playlist! It’s a great way to have background noise during your study session but you won’t become distracted by any lyrics.

Top instrumental interest: VSQ Loves Modern Hits – Vitamin String Quartet
Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds

Thinking about how much you need to focus is just going to make it harder to actually focus. You need to be able to relax while minimizing distractions. The best way to do that is to listen to some natural sounds like waterfalls, rain, and ocean waves! These sounds will help you to stop stressing but also increase your concentration by blocking outside noises and help keep your mind engaged on a subconscious level.

Nature sound suggestion: Suburban Forest Rain 1 – Aquagirl

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