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What Is Your Spirit Instrument?

student playing the tympani drums

If you’re down for whatever, and have a carefree mindset, so does the percussion section! Drums give you the chance to add to almost any music where you can steal the show or blend in with the crowd. Or, switch to the xylophone or marimba if you feel like playing a melody. It really gives you the range to be free.

student playing the bass

Life runs more smoothly when there’s less uncertainty. However, you always have a plan no matter what comes your way. The bass is an iconic instrument that understands discipline and structure.

children playing the ukulele

Have you ever seen someone playing the ukulele without a smile? The answer is no. This instrument is fun, uplifting, and perfect for you!

student playing cello in an orchestra

You never understand why people say something if they can’t honor it. You look at all the factors before making a decision so you know what you’re getting into. That’s why the cello is your spirit instrument. Every symphony needs one, but few can handle the responsibilities that are required.

student flute player in a symphony

Whether it’s a small task or an entire project, you look for ways to help lighten the burden for others, just like a flute. A flute adds much needed sound to the symphony and keeps the mood happy and light.

student saxophone player in a jazz band

When you are in a room, it’s hard to keep the spotlight off of you. You carry an energy that people are drawn to and can command a stage with ease, just as a saxophone does.