A group of jazz musicians is called a combo.

the jazz combo
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A combo is similar to a band. But while a band suggests that the group plays together consistently as one entity, the jazz scene is much more fluid. Jazz musicians are often in many combos at once!

The Beatles song “Yesterday” is the most profitable song of all time.

beatles https://echilibrultau.ro/
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The most profitable song is actually “Happy Birthday” - it costs $25,000 to use it in a movie or TV show!

A double bass weighs more than a tuba.

double bass
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Most double basses weigh 20-25 pounds, while tubas typically weigh 25-30 pounds!

Joseph Haydn wrote the most symphonies of any classical composer.

Joseph Haydn
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Haydn wrote an incredible 106 symphonies, but the record is actually held by German composer Joseph Molter, who composed over 140.

Mozart sold more CDs than Beyoncé in 2016.

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A 200-CD box set was released on the 225th anniversary of Mozart's death. 1.25 million Mozart CDs were sold in 2016!

The violin is considered the world’s most popular instrument.

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The violin is thought to be the most widely distributed musical instrument in the world.

Billie Holiday is referred to as the queen of jazz.

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The nickname belongs to Ella Fitzgerald, who was also called the first Lady of Song, or Lady Ella.

The french horn is played left-handed.

french horn
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This is unlike other brass instruments, whose valves are on the right.

Madonna has always been a solo artist.

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She was a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist for the band Breakfast Club before her solo debut.

You only need one stick to do a drum roll.

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It’s called a gravity roll - the drummer uses a seesaw motion to create a drum roll!

The ʻukulele is a Hawaiian invention.

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Portuguese sailors brought the ʻukulele to Hawaiʻi in 1879! Read more about the ʻukulele here!

Chamber music is any music performed by a small group of performers.

chamber music
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Chamber music is often classical music, with one player to a part, but the broadest definition encompasses all music performed by or written for a small group.

The electric guitar was invented in the 1950s.

electric guitar
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The first electric guitars began to pop up in the early 1930s!

Elvis Presley is the best-selling solo artist of all time.

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It’s Michael Jackson!

A fiddle and a violin are the same instrument.

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The difference is the way the instrument is played. Classical violinists typically use more technical and traditional playing styles. Fiddlers have a more free-form style and use unique methods to create sound on the instrument.

Orchestral music is played by a string orchestra.

orchestral music
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Orchestral music, as referred to in our mission, is a large group of musicians who play together on a variety of instruments, including strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, and percussion instruments!

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