There are so many things you can do in the summer…summer school, a summer job, even absolutely nothing! Naturally, we advocate for a summer full of music! And we’ve got a whole list of reasons why…

Keep up Your Momentum

You’ve spent the entire school year learning new songs and skills on your instrument. The last thing you want to do is forget all your progress and start from scratch when the new school year comes around! Music lessons over the summer allow you to maintain and build on your musical abilities so you can continue to grow as a musician. 

No matter your instrument, our summer music program allows you to improve your musicianship in the peak of summer, giving you the opportunity to practice a wide range of skills and repertoire. Did we mention you also get to work with world-renowned faculty? Sign us up! 

Focus on Specific Goals

If you’ve been thinking “I should really work on that…” during the year, now is the time! Summer is the perfect time to hone in on specific techniques that you’d like to improve upon. 

Both our Strings and Wind Ensemble Programs offer small and large ensemble sizes so students can work more intimately with faculty. This individualized instruction allows you to work on specific techniques and take your skills to the next level!

Explore Your Creativity

Why not try exploring your musical creativity this summer? Give the skill of improvisation a try, or get a group of musical friends together and have a jam session. You can even try to write and perform your own original music!

Our Jazz Intensive includes a daily Jam Session, led by students! Jam Sessions are a great way to practice improvisation, as well as play with other students who want to be creative musicians like you. 

Maintain Your Instrument

Your instrument needs love year round – so don’t let it get dusty in a corner! Simply taking out your instrument regularly throughout the summer and playing some scales will help it stay in tip-top shape.

PMI will not only give you a reason to break out your instrument over the summer – it’ll give you a reason to LOVE your instrument! From daily practice sessions to performance opportunities, you’ll never feel closer with your instrument than after a week at PMI. 

Learn Something New

During the school year, you often have to spend time focusing on the songs your school ensemble is playing. Summer is a great time to learn songs and skills you didn’t have time for during the year! Focus on a fun piece, or add a more challenging song to your repertoire. Even consider picking up a new instrument!

Students at PMI are able to sign up for multiple programs. Consider signing up for our ‘Ukulele Workshop, led by Kala‘e and Kamaka Camarillo, and learn a new instrument this summer! Our ‘Ukulele Workshop doesn’t just teach you about the instrument itself – you can also learn improvisation, basic music theory concepts, and tips on how to practice!

Make New Friends

Making music with new friends is always the best way to spend any summer, in our opinion. Signing up for a summer music camp is a great way to create new memories and meet people from different places. At PMI, we are proud to welcome local students from across the state, as well as national and international students. We love seeing all of our students bond through music and make lifelong friendships!

Are you ready to spend your summer with us at Pacific Music Institute? Registration is open now, so be sure to sign up today!