which classical composer is your long lost relative?

When genetic tests like 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA came out, a lot of us found long-lost relatives that we didn’t know about. Most of us weren’t related to a big-name celebrity (which was quite a bummer) but it’s still neat to learn where your family came from and to fill in gaps that may have been missing in your lineage. 

Remember that these tests aren’t 100% accurate…so just because they didn’t say we’re related to someone famous, doesn’t mean they’re right! If you’re anything like us, you feel like you have a deep connection to music, like something has always drawn you to it… So, who’s to say we aren’t related to a famous composer? Certainly not us!

Pick the phrase that resonates with you the most and we’ll tell you which composer is your long-lost relative!


Which Composer Is Your Long-Lost Relative?


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