The Winds, Brass, and Percussion Program, formerly known as the Wind Ensemble, is back with a new name and a few exciting changes that are sure to blow you away! With PMI 2024 fast approaching, here’s what to expect when you sign up for a summer of fun, friends, and music.

Take your music to the next level with our large ensembles!

Performing in a large ensemble is an essential part of every young musician’s journey! Students in the Winds, Brass, and Percussion Program will be placed in either the Wind Ensemble or Symphony Orchestra (based on their placement video submissions), where they’ll have the chance to collaborate with fellow musicians, hone their skills, and become better performers. All their hard work culminates in the final concert when they can showcase their hard work to friends and family—a highlight for many of our students, especially those who don’t often get the opportunity to play in large ensembles in their own schools. “It’s really fun to be experiencing these big ensembles coming from a school that doesn’t have such a big ensemble,” shared Dena Brennan, a PMI 2023 Wind Ensemble student. “It’s a really great experience to expand my horizons.” 

Wind Ensemble

The students in our Wind Ensemble will learn to create a unified sound by blending the rich and vibrant tones that are characteristic of their wind, brass, and percussion instruments. The ability to adjust one’s playing to achieve a good balance as part of an ensemble is an important skill as noted by one PMI 2023 Wind Ensemble student, “My favorite part of the program was the experience of playing with a large wind ensemble and working on blending my sound. I learned some really cool tips about tuning and adjusting your sound so that it blends with the rest of the ensemble.”

Meet Christopher Smith, Wind Ensemble Conductor for PMI 2024!

With nearly ten years as the band director at Kapolei Middle School, Mr. Smith is a seasoned music educator. He is a highly sought-after guest instructor at local middle and high schools due to his teaching experience and extensive work with music organizations in Hawaiʻi, including Hawaiʻi Symphonic Band, Honolulu Wind Ensemble, U.S. Pacific Fleet Band, and University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu Band. Mr. Smith’s dedication to fostering the talent of young musicians is further exemplified by his recent partnership with Chamber Music Hawaiʻi, which brings enriching performances and masterclasses to Kapolei students. 

Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra, led by Artistic Director Joseph Stepec, is the centerpiece of PMI and an advanced training program for students specializing in orchestral strings, winds, brass, and percussion. Students in the Symphony Orchestra will experience a full symphony that includes a broader range of instruments under the guidance of skilled performing educators. One PMI 2023 Percussion student shares of his symphony orchestra experience, “I met the very gifted Mr. Christopher Cabrera, who became my mentor and educator…he gave back to me the passion and appreciation for music that I had lost. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

Enhance your summer music experience by signing up for more workshops!

Want to up your improvisation game or pick up a fun, new instrument? Students enrolled in the Winds, Brass, and Percussion Program are eligible to sign up for Jazz Intensive Jazz 2 or the ‘Ukulele Workshop!

Meet friends who share the same passions.

Equally crucial to a child’s musical development is being able to learn and practice in smaller settings. At PMI, students receive instruction at daily workshops, led by experienced artist-faculty, that are specifically tailored to their respective instruments. “It’s nice to work with students in a smaller setting because I get to isolate any problems that they have,” says PMI Trombone faculty Joseph Nakamoto. 

These workshops also foster a fun and supportive environment where students can be creative and connect with peers from all over the country who share a passion for the same instrument! PMI Oboe faculty and PMI alumnus Alex Hayashi recalls his own experience, “As an alumnus myself who attended PMI in middle school and high school, it was a really great opportunity to meet and work with students from other schools because there often aren’t many oboe students to play with in band at one school.” At the end of the program, Winds, Brass, and Percussion Program students will get to experience chamber music when they perform in small ensembles with their fellow workshop participants. Our students look forward to these small ensemble performances every year, “I have 8 flutists and they’re all really excited… A lot of them haven’t had experience yet playing in a flute only ensemble and it’s been cool to hear them develop over the week and gain their confidence and their knowledge,” shares PMI Flute faculty Ellie Rose. Learn more about what makes chamber music special here!

Let’s have a summer to remember!

We always strive to make sure our students have fun and create lasting memories while receiving world-class music education. Join us for another memorable summer at PMI 2024 by signing up now!