We’ve all had the thought at one point in our lives: “what instrument should I play?” 

It’s a question we dwell on, but why?

student musician wondering which instrument to play

When it comes to music, it’s easy to sift through a variety of styles and genres to decide which kind of music we like. It’s nearly effortless. Eventually when our music tastes evolve, what we listen to does just as smoothly. But it doesn’t quite work the same way when deciding what instrument to play. 

Maybe your mom chose the violin for you when you were five. Or, did you pick the trumpet in middle school based on what your friends chose? Possibly, you picked percussion with the main goal of annoying your parents. 

In any case, the process for deciding on which instrument to play takes a great bit of time. You can hold an instrument to get a feel for it but understanding if that instrument is the one for you will only come after you play it and then play it again and then play it a hundred more times. 

However, we don’t always have that kind of time. If you’re still wondering what instrument you should play or curious if there is another one you should add to your skillset, Pacific Music Institute developed a quick way to decide which instrument you should play based on your personality.


Describe your personality…


Remember, no matter what instrument you choose, you can always learn another! Just have fun and don’t stress about it. Now that you have your instrument picked out, find the summer music program for you!