stringing together your future at pmi 2021

The summer provides an excellent chance to relax and spend time doing things you may not otherwise have time for during the academic year. One of those things is working toward your future. Don’t panic! We’re not telling you to sign-up for summer math classes, or sit at home watching informational YouTube videos. Summer is still supposed to be fun! We’re referring to a summer music program. 

Whether you’re looking to make a career out of music or not, taking the opportunity to improve your musical abilities, combined with the unique experience of learning about Hawaii’s musical roots, can help build excitement and success for your future in more ways than one! 



chamber music at pmi 2021

It’s no surprise that a youth symphony program will add life-long musical advantages. Pacific Music Institute’s 2021 Solo & String Quartet programs offer in-person chamber music lessons and virtual performance opportunities! 


Chamber Music 

Putting your skills to the test, chamber music goes beyond your own personal skills and moves your playing focus to a small group. The real challenge: getting on the same page with people you’ve only just met! The ability to adapt to other musicians who have much different backgrounds is a crucial life-long skill. And, do you really need an excuse to get out of the house this summer?


Performance Opportunities 

Practicing doesn’t stop when you get to the performing level. The performance opportunity puts together everything you’ve been practicing while focusing on performing. Practice your performance skills in 2021 with your small string ensemble through our anticipated eFestival, premiering virtually at the conclusion of this year’s program.  


Non-music Advantage 

summer music in hawaii

While the overall focus of the summer youth symphony programs will be music, the experience you gain will provide lifelong skills outside of the music world. The real world will actually start to feel smaller as you’ll have the ability to meet and become friends with peers from around the globe. Not only will you be opened up to new cultures, stories, and games, but new understandings of music and life.

Set in Hawaii, you’ll have the chance to experience the beauty of the islands like never before.  Besides spending time in and seeing Hawaii for yourself, you’ll get a more authentic background on the islands from students and faculty who were born and raised here that you wouldn’t get on a holiday vacation. 

While we will not be offering student housing this year, PMI 2021 in-person enrollment is open to any and all students. If you’re traveling from outside the island of Oahu, we do have an exclusive booking rate available at the Alohilani Resort!

Yes, even if you live in Hawaii, there’s a new opportunity waiting for you. This summer program gives you the unique perspective of seeing Hawaii through the fresh eyes of international students and the chance to share Hawaii’s culture and story. 


2021 & Safe Teaching

health & safety at pmi 2021

Now, more than ever, it’s important for everyone to maintain distance and focus on health. To ensure everyone’s safety and comfort in 2021, we’re excited to announce several ways to enjoy this year’s Pacific Music Institute, including the options for an online experience or in-person, small-ensemble environment. 


For more information to string together your future, check out the solo string & quartet programs!