NEW Online Masterclass Series


July 5-10, 2021 via Zoom

Daily from 9:30-11:00am HST (Hawaii Standard Time)

includes “Jam with Jake” on July 14th at 1:00pm


PMI+ provides students an intensive online learning experience featuring classes taught be renowned musicians from around the globe! A seven-day online experience, PMI+ provides students classes in performance anxiety management, improvisation, and how to build a social media presence as a budding musician!

Classes are taught by Bill Williams, the former dean of the New World Symphony, social entrepreneurs, Drew Tucker and Drew Forde (“ThatViolaKid”),” Juliana Athayde, concertmaster of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Erik Behr, principal oboist of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Toby Oft, principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony and more. 

In addition to these online learning opportunities, students will also participate in online rehearsals for a newly commissioned work based on Hawaiian themes! PMI+ will provide students from across the globe access to a wealth of information and experiences; additionally, students will learn about Hawaiian culture and our lovely islands!

PMI+ is included in all in-person programs.


Eligible instruments include violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophones, french horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, and ukulele.

Students entering 6th grade and up with at least 1 year of experience on their instrument.

No placement video required.


Mele: The Musical Legacy of Hawaiʻi
Jace Saplan
The Art of Performance: Performing at a Consistently High Level When it Matters Most
Bill Williams
Adventures in Multi-Styles Musicianship
Duane Padilla
Drew Forde
Jake Shimabukuro
Juliana Athayde
Erik Behr
Toby Oft
Masterclass Descriptions

Jace Saplan, Director of Choral Activities, University of Hawaiʻi

Join us as we explore the history and impact of Hawaiʻiʻs musical legacy! Throughout the session, participants will learn of the origins of mele before western contact, the introduction of string and wind instruments during the 1800s, and the synthesis of a diverse musical soundscape in the 1900s to the present day that melded global genres, hula, and symphonic underpinnings. E hele mai!

Drew Tucker, musician, educator, social entrepreneur
In music and in life, most of the challenges happen in transitions! In going from high school to college, college to career, & from career to career many people find themselves with a high amount of uncertainty & a limited amount of tools. Through discussion, visual aids & anecdotes we will discuss how to make the best use of the resources you have to give yourself the best chance for success! 

Duane Padilla, violinist

Musicians who perform genres like pop, rock, folk, jazz, Hawaiian, bluegrass, and other non-western classical musical traditions approach the music making process differently than musicians trained to perform in an orchestra or a symphonic band. In this course we will explore learning songs by ear, creating musical arrangements in real time, improvisation, groove creation and other tools that musicians in non-western classical genres use to spontaneously create music without sheet music and a conductor.

Bill Williams, former dean of the New World Symphony

If you find yourself leaving your ‘best’ performances in the practice room, you’re not alone.

Performers dedicate years of their lives to honing their technical and musical gifts, yet their preparation for important events like recitals, competitions and auditions can come up short.  For many, dedicated practice is necessary but not sufficient.  It’s not about quantity of practice, but the quality of practice and event preparation.
In his interactive Art of Performance workshop, renowned trumpeter and performance coach Bill Williams (M.A.) will share insights gifted musicians can use to improve their performance under pressure. Participants will learn about the fundamental connection between stress, focus and performance.  They will also have the opportunity to learn about tools that effectively and consistently mitigate the impact of stress on their performance.

Drew Forde, @thatviolakid, violist, creator, storyteller

Building an authentic brand through telling your true story. In the age of social media, everyone is a media company. Channel your lived experience into a story that adds value to your greater community.

Also check out his Faking Notes Podcast! They talk about the music industry, how the money flows, marketing, web design, the music business in general, and feature interviews with successful independent artists who’ve walked the non-traditional route! They have featured guests like Nathan Chan, Ken Kubota, DSharp, and Bad Snacks!


Online Masterclasses
$ 60
  • Participate from Home
  • Interactive Masterclasses
  • Perform in World Premiere Piece
  • Includes "Jam with Jake"
Jam with Jake

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Monday 5th, 9:30am: Mele: The Musical Legacy of Hawaiʻi

Tuesday 6th, 9:30am: Bridging the Gap

Wednesday 7th, 9:30am: Adventures in Multi-Styles Musicianship

Thursday 8th, 9:30am: The Art of Performance

Friday 9th, 9:30am: #PlayHomiePlay

Saturday 10th, 9:30am: Instrument Clinics

Juliana Athayde, strings
Erik Behr, woodwinds
Toby Oft, brass
Drew Tucker, percussion

Wednesday 14th, 1:00pm: Jam with Jake