PMI2023 Student Handbook


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Please use this site for up-to-date information on everything Pacific Music Institute 2023.  Look up your schedule, room numbers, check-in procedures, concert attire, and more.

If you are enrolled in multiple programs, please check information for both programs.

Hard copies of music will be provided on the first day of rehearsals.

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  1. When you arrive at McKinley High School, proceed up to the auditorium in the middle of campus. You will see big HYS signs and a check-in table at the entrance to the auditorium. 
  2. Arrive 15 minutes before your start time. 
  3. Check in with HYS staff at the check-in desk and get your daily wristband.
  4. Remember your instrument, music stand, instrument-specific supplies (rosin, reeds, mouthpiece), music, folder, and pencil.
Walk between cafeteria and T Building
Enter A Building by "The Muffin"
Check-In/Out Desk


  1. Make sure you gather all of your belongings before leaving.
  2. Please leave campus when your session is complete. HYS will not be responsible for supervising students after their session end time.
  3. Parents are not permitted into rehearsal areas.


*Schedule may change due to unforeseen circumstances


TUESDAY July 11, 2023

PMI Faculty Showcase
featuring many of our esteemed PMI faculty and friends
$20 general admission

SATURDAY July 15, 2023

featuring all String Program students
$5 general admission

featuring all Ukulele Workshop and Wind Ensemble students
$5 general admission

SUNDAY July 16, 2023

featuring FSE students and JI students
$5 general admission

featuring MSASB, WE, and SO students
$5 general admission

We are excited for all of the concerts that will be happening this week! For many of you, this may be the first formal instrumental concert that you attend so here are a few friendly reminders about concert etiquette: 

  • NO video or photography is allowed in the concert hall. The concert is being professionally recorded. 
  • Please silence or turn off cell phones before the concert begins (If your phone rings it will definitely be in the recording forever)
  • Wait until audience applause to enter or leave the concert hall.
  • Please stay for the ENTIRE concert. 
  • Please be patient as you enter and leave the venue as there will be a lot of people on campus. Try to be there earlier than you need to be!

Tickets are still on sale until (Friday) 11:59pm. After that, tickets can be bought at the door, $5 CASH ONLY


Parking Information for Saturday and Sunday:

  • McKinley High School is having a basketball event in the gym and may have someone charging for parking. They know about our event, so let them know you are going to the auditorium. Parking for us is FREE
  • They may direct you park in a particular area. There will be the regular parking lot available as well as the overflow parking located behind the School for Adults.
  • PMI Students DO NOT need to purchase tickets to attend any of the concerts. There will be a PMI student check-in table at the concerts for them to check in and gain access to ALL the concerts for free.
  • All PMI students are expected to attend the Faculty Concert.

McKinley High School

All PMI events occur at the McKinley High School

1039 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96814

Parking:  Students/families may park at McKinley High School at their own risk.

McKinley parking lot (Pick up and drop off area)
A Building
Auditorium inside A Building


We expect attendees of the Pacific Music Institute (PMI) to behave in a manner that respects the rights of others and brings honor to the Institute and dignity to themselves. We are guests at the Hawaii Convention Center. Please leave any area in a condition cleaner and more orderly than you found it.  Please adhere to the following rules:

  • Attendance is mandatory for all rehearsals, sectionals, lessons, and concerts to your respective program. The PMI General Manager must be notified with a parent note or email of any known absences, tardies, or requests for early departure. Inadequate attendance or notice of absence at sessions may result in disciplinary action including exclusion from performances.
  • Treat all faculty, staff, and volunteers with respect.
  • No food, drinks (except water), or gum are allowed in any of the rehearsal/concert facilities.
  • No use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes/vapes, or other intoxicating substances.
  • No gambling or stealing.
  • No bullying, harassment, or hazing.
  • No selling, promotion of, possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of drugs, narcotics, hallucinogens, or alcohol.
  • No socializing with outside guests during workshop hours.
  • No texting, phone or video calls, or use of any electronic devices during rehearsals and concerts.

In any case of misconduct, Hawaii Youth Symphony will enforce immediate disciplinary action, which may include expulsion from PMI and forfeiture of all fees. The Hawaii Youth Symphony will cooperate fully with law enforcement officials for any and all legal transgressions.


Your full attendance is very important to the success of the camp. If you have unavoidable conflicts or emergencies, please contact our admissions coordinator, Kassi Hatakenaka at

Strings Program: Iggy Jang will assign you to be a part of one or two string quartets. Private lessons to be scheduled. Mr. Joseph Stepec will assign you into wither Freestyle String Ensemble or Symphony Orchestra.

Wind Ensemble: All members go to their instrument workshop and full band rehearsals.  Look for your instrument specific block in the daily room schedule. Mr. Stepec has selected students to perform in the Symphony Orchestra. If you have not been contacted,  you will only participate in Wind Ensemble rehearsals and clinics.

Jazz Intensive: Mr. Dean Taba will assign you into either Jazz 1 or Jazz 2. Please attend the jam session for even more opportunities to practice improvising!

Ukulele Workshop: Please go to your registered class (beginner or intermediate) class.

Daily Attire: Long pants/conservative shorts and t-shirt or blouse. No tank tops or other sleeveless clothing.

Concert Attire for Strings Program:

Option#1: Bright solid color (e.g., jewel tones) “summery” dress, floor-length, knee-length or in between. Alternatively, solid color blouse with black or coordinating skirt/dress pants. Black shoes/sandals.

Option#2: Solid color dress shirt, black or coordinating trousers. Black shoes.

Concert Attire for Middle School All-State Band

All: PMI2022 T‐shirt (provided with participation fee), black/dark dress pants, black socks, black shoes.

Concert Attire for Jazz Intensive, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra

All: Aloha attire on the top with long black pants. Black shoes.


If you have any questions, please email, call, or see a staff member.

Jeremy Lawi, PMI General Manager

Kassi Hatakenaka, PMI Admissions Coordinator

Cyrinthia Richards, PMI Housing Coordinator


Academy of the Holy Angels
Baldwin High
Bergen County Technical High School
Campbell High
Castle High
Damien Memorial High
Englewood Cliffs Upper School
Fort Lee High School
Hawaii Baptist Academy
Hawaii Preparatory Academy
Henry Gunn School
Honolulu Waldorf
ʻIlima Intermediate School
Iolani School
Kahuku High
Kailua High
Kailua Intermediate
Kaimuki Christian
Kaimuki Middle
Kaiser High
Kalaheo High
Kalani High
Kapolei High
Kapolei Middle
Kapunahala Elementary
Kawananakoa Middle
Ke’elikolani Middle School
King Intermediate
Le Jardin Academy
Lincoln Middle school
McKinley High
Mid-Pacific Institute
Mililani High
Mililani Middle
Moanalua High
Moanalua Middle
Niu Valley Middle
Noelani Elementary
Pearl City High
Pullman High School
Punahou School
Radford High
Roosevelt High
Sacred Hearts Academy
San Domenico School
Saratoga High School
Stevenson Middle
Stevenson Middle
Trinity Christian
Waiakea High School
Waianae Intermediate
Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School
Waipahu High
Waipahu Intermediate


Hawaii Youth Symphony Board of Directors and PMI Committee
Randy Wong, President
Joseph Stepec, Artistic Director
Iggy Jang, SSQ Director
Dean Taba, JI Director
Richard Scerbo, NOI+F Director
Jeremy Lawi, PMI General Manager
Kassi Hatakenaka, PMI Admissions Coordinator
Carissa Miyamoto, Director of Operations
Hannah Watanabe, Programs Manager
Cyrinthia Richards, Housing Coordinator
Joseph Nakamoto, McKinley HS Band Director
Ron Okamura, McKinley HS Principal
Oahu Band Directors Association
Halekulani Corporation
Hawaii Pacific University
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation
First Hawaiian Bank Foundation
Vibe Creative Marketing
All Faculty, Staff, Family and Friends of PMI