Our 2023 summer music intensive is looking to be the best yet, largely due to our amazing program directors and the efforts they put into making PMI a fantastic learning environment for students!

Wind Ensemble

Dr. Adam Kehl conducts several ensembles at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and serves as the Associate Director of Bands and Assistant Professor of Music there. We’re excited to have him join our faculty this summer, conducting PMI’s Wind Ensemble

Why should students register for PMI 2023’s Wind Ensemble program? “[It] will be a great, fun opportunity to learn ensemble and listening skills, musical interpretation, and technique through great literature for a wind band,” said Dr. Kehl. For intermediate students playing flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, or percussion, Wind Ensemble students will receive daily 90-minute instrument workshops on top of band rehearsals with Dr. Kehl. 

He adds: “It will also be a wonderful opportunity to work with musicians from different schools and ability levels, learning the joy of collaborative music making and shared musical experience!”

Jazz Intensive

Dean Taba (HYS and PMI Director of Jazz) and Steve Treseler (Seattle-based saxophonist) are no strangers to PMI. Returning to lead the 2023 Jazz Intensive, Taba and Treseler welcome students with at least 2 years of instrumental experience, though no previous jazz experience is required. 

When asked what makes the Jazz Intensive special, Dean Taba says, “[It] is a wonderful opportunity to meet and play with like-minded music students who are interested in Jazz and improvised music. There will be students from many different schools brought together by your interest in contemporary improvised music.”

With a Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies and Improvised Music from the University of Washington, Steve Treseler brings a wealth of experience that he loves to share with PMI jazz students.

‘Ukulele Workshop

Our ‘Ukulele Workshop is for players of all levels, taught by brothers Kala‘e and Kamaka Camarillo.

“Our program is special because students will not only learn how to play a few songs, but they will also walk away with an essential understanding of the fretboard and music theory,” says Kala‘e. “I like that PMI gives students an opportunity to be surrounded with peers that share the same love for music and are eager to gain more knowledge about their instrument.”

We love that our students can learn from musicians with educational, performing, and recording experiences. Kala‘e and Kamaka are the perfect examples of PMI 2023 faculty who bring a variety of real-world knowledge to share with our students. 

If you’re an adult (out of high school) but interested in auditing the ‘Ukulele Workshop, you can inquire with PMI General Manager, Jeremy Lawi, at jeremy@hiyouthsymphony.org.

Strings Program

PMI 2023 strings will gain experience in small and large ensemble playing, participating in Solo and String Quartet (SSQ) as well as the Symphony Orchestra or Freestyle String Ensemble. 

Led by program director and Hawaii Symphony Orchestra Concert Master, Ignace “Iggy” Jang, SSQ offers private lessons and performance opportunities that will allow string players to hone their craft. The first thing he says when asked about PMI? “SSQ is fun!” he exclaims. 

“For so many years, PMI has been creating friendships and unforgettable memories for students from all walks of life.” Iggy continues, “With SSQ, one learns to become independent and develop a unique musical voice. By the end of the program, I sense a very strong sense of ownership, of pride in the craft. This accomplishment is very rewarding to all, from students to coaches to families and friends.”

PMI 2023’s Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by PMI Artistic Director, Joe Stepec, and NOI+F Director, Richard Scerbo. Scerbo loves the hard work and dedication he sees from the PMI students every year: “The students get to work with amazing faculty from all over the country for an intensive week that is both musically rewarding and incredibly fun. The transformation that takes place in such a short time is unique to PMI and its musicians.”

We’re so excited to introduce the Freestyle String Ensemble to our PMI 2023 programming! Leading this multi-styles creative orchestra is Duane Padilla, who says about this new program: “The freestyle string ensemble is a special opportunity for string students to learn a style of music making that is very different from what they find in orchestra, chamber, music, and private lessons. In the FSE, students will learn how to create grooves, improvise melodies, and generate interesting harmonies in a wide variety of styles. We hope to empower students with the skills to walk into a room and spontaneously JAM!”

Middle School All-State Band

Students for this program are selected by their band directors based on character, embodiment of school values, and technical musical ability. We love welcoming Middle School All-State Band students to our PMI ‘ohana! 

Our All-State Band Director, Wayne Fanning, loves that students join from across the state. “Students are given the opportunity to meet musicians from other schools and perform music in a fun atmosphere,” he says. “They will learn skills which can be applied in their school music program.”

Pacific Music Institute 2023

Richard Scerbo aptly encapsulated the heart of our program by saying: “PMI has created a unique learning experience that harnesses the incredible talent of its students while simultaneously providing a fun and transformative setting for music-making. Making music with friends is one of the great joys of life, and PMI has done just that.” 

We can’t wait to welcome students and faculty from around the world to our 2023 Pacific Music Institute. No matter which program you participate in, the summer will be filled with music, friends, and fantastic memories.