Can you complete these lyrics?

Pacific Music Institute connects students from many places and backgrounds who share a love of music and drive for excellence. Besides this passion for music education, our program is also loved for its setting: Hawai‘i! While you’re honing your craft, it never hurts to be surrounded by beautiful weather, scenery, and, of course, the aloha spirit. 

Hawai‘i is also home to rich culture and history, music included. And we always love celebrating the musical roots of our island home! Can you complete these lyrics from famous local Hawai‘i songs?

1. Aloha ‘Oe

Aloha ‘oe, aloha ‘oe / E ke onaona noho i ka lipo / One fond embrace / A ho‘i a‘e au

a. The beauty of Hawai‘i is forever 

b. Until we meet again

c. I love you until the end of time

2. Honolulu City Lights

Looking out upon the city lights / And the stars above the ocean / Got my ticket for the midnight plane

a. And it’s not easy to leave again

b. Just can’t wait to come back again

c. Looking out over the grand ocean

3. Home in the Islands

At home in the islands / At home in the islands / At home

a. As happy as can be

b. With the swaying palm trees

c. In the middle of the sea

4. Island Style

On the island, we do it island style / From the mountain to the ocean

a. From the windward to the leeward side

b. We will always enjoy the ride

c. From the high to the low tide

5. Mele Kalikimaka

Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright / The sun to shine by day

a. And then the bright moon light

b. And all the stars at night

c. And then we say good night

6. Fish & Poi

I like my fish and poi, I’m a big boy / Lomi salmon, pipikaula, extra large lilikoi / Squid or chicken lu‘au / Don’t forget the

a. Haupia

b. Poke

c. Lau lau

7. Little Grass Shack

I want to go back to my little grass shack in ____________ Hawai‘i

a. Honolulu

b. Kealakekua

c. Kahului

8. Pearly Shells

Pearly shells, from the ocean / Shining in the sun

a. Covering the shore

b. Hiding in the sand

c. Gathered in my hand

Answer Key

1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. a; 5. b; 6. c; 7. b; 8. a

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