what is hawaiiana?

Howzit! You may know that Pacific Music Institute is a premier music camp where young musicians work with world-renowned instructors and make incredible progress on their playing. We find the best instructors from all over the world and bring them to Oʻahu so that local students, as well as students from the mainland and abroad, can come together, learn, and thrive! But beyond training advanced techniques and musicianship, did you know that we also teach Hawaiiana?

Pacific Music Institute students have the opportunity to learn about the culture of our islands and its musical traditions in a fun and hands-on way! From our ʻUkulele Workshop to our 2021 online masterclass Mele: The Musical Legacy of Hawaiʻi, our sense of place is what makes our programs so special. 

What is Hawaiiana?

The music of our islands🎶

During the pandemic, Dr. Jace Saplan, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Hawai’i, shared his expertise and his aloha through an online masterclass, so that students who weren’t able to travel could still learn about the musical history of the Polynesian islands and how mele was passed from island to island: from Tahiti, to New Zealand, to Hawaiʻi. He addressed topics like:

🎵What is Hawaiian music?

🎵Who owns music?

🎵As musicians, what is our responsibility as storytellers?

Plus, he even taught a hula! Sound like fun? Sign up for PMI emails to get the most up-to-date details on this summer’s programs!

Now, onto the quiz!


Both a greeting and an expression of love and fellowship

E Komo Mai



Turtle! Donʻt forget to respect their space.


Song, anthem, or chant of any kind



Alakaʻi O Ka Pāna


Hana Hou!

The Hawaiian equivalent of “Encore!”



How did you do? Join us for one of our special Pacific Music Institute summer camp programs in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi to learn more!