One of the highlights at PMI is the annual concerts featuring students from all our ensembles. Every year, our students work hard throughout the week-long music intensive to hone their skills and put on an enjoyable show for concert attendees! These end-of-PMI concerts are an integral part of the PMI experience as we believe performing helps our students grow not just as musicians but as people.

Gaining On-Stage Experience

Contrary to popular belief, music education doesn’t end before the performance, musicians learn as they perform! For many of our students, especially those who are younger or newer to their instruments, the PMI concerts are the perfect first foray into performing on stage. Our concerts provide a fun, judgment-free environment for students to learn the ins and outs of performing professionally, including practicing proper stage etiquette, learning to recover from mistakes, and overcoming performance anxiety. 

Guidance from Industry Professionals

Since our faculty members are made up of world-class musicians who are passionate about performing, they often draw from their personal experiences as they work with PMI students throughout the week to prepare them for their time on stage. PMI 2023 flute clinician Ms. Ellie Rose incorporates ways to deal with performance anxiety in her lessons due to her past struggles with it. Her approach involves taking the negative energy we might experience before a performance that causes us to talk down to ourselves, fixate on our mistakes, or catastrophize what might happen and harnessing that energy for when we perform instead of allowing it to control us. “When I’ve been able to do that, I’ve given some of the best and most fulfilling performances in my career. So that’s something I really focus on with my students,” she says. 

Our keiki can rest assured that they’ll be supported by industry professionals who understand the difficulties young musicians may face before and during a performance! One PMI 2023 Strings student shares their experience, “I was quite nervous, but all the practicing and support helped me have a lot of fun.” 

Sharing the Stage with Fellow Musicians

“Music is really important, it’s not just an artistic and creative outlet but it’s also an emotional one. It’s a great way to connect socially and make friends.” — HYS President, Randy Wong

Music is about community and connection, and a great musician is one who can work well with other musicians! At PMI, students can meet fellow like-minded young musicians from all over the world and learn to perform as one ensemble. Our students will learn to play as part of a small ensemble, large ensemble, or ideally both because as PMI Artistic Director Joe Stepec puts it, “Experience in both small and large group settings are crucial to the growth of every young musician.” Through these ensemble performances, our young musicians gain an understanding of when to stand out, when to let others shine, and when to blend in as a cohesive group—nuances that are crucial to delivering a stunning performance!

Learn to Improvise on Stage

To better equip our students on their musical pursuits, our Jazz Intensive and Freestyle String Ensemble programs provide students the opportunity to freestyle, create their own arrangements, and improvise!

Performances Encourage Hard Work

Performances are rewarding because they’re a testament to the blood, sweat, and tears that musicians dedicate to their craft. Completing a successful performance makes the hours or days of practice worth it! By providing our students with opportunities to showcase the skills they’ve acquired in front of a supportive audience, we hope to nurture their love for music by instilling a sense of accomplishment in their work. One PMI 2023 Strings student said, “The highlight of PMI was the performances when all our hard work paid off and you could hear how much we improved over the week.” 

The PMI concerts are also extra fulfilling for students who had friends and family in the audience! One MSASB student said their favorite part of PMI 2023 was the concert on the last day when they got to show their parents how much they had progressed. Through these concerts and performances, young musicians will be encouraged to challenge themselves and work harder since they know how it feels to see it pay off!

PMI 2024 (and the PMI concerts!) will be happening this July!

If you’ve been looking for a place to refine your skills under experienced teachers and the opportunity to perform with fellow musicians, join us in Hawaiʻi from July 6-14, 2024! Sign up now to be notified when registration opens!