Five Reasons to Play the ʻUkulele

Summer is finally here! Now is the perfect time to challenge yourself to do something new. Not sure where to start? Consider picking up a musical instrument, like the ‘ukulele! Although many people associate the instrument with Hawaiʻi, ‘ukuleles are well-loved by people all around the world. Here are five reasons why you should learn the ʻukulele: 

1. ‘Ukuleles are beginner-friendly

Learning to play a new instrument can be intimidating, but an ʻukulele is easy to learn! The ʻukulele only has four strings and the chords are simple, which makes it an approachable instrument for first-timers. 

2. ‘Ukuleles are small

The most popular ‘ukulele to play is the soprano ʻukulele, which is 21 inches long. Its small size makes the ʻukulele easy to hold and manipulate the strings. This makes it a great instrument for people of all ages to play.

Small also means portable! You can take your ʻukulele with you to gatherings or trips and impress people with your skills.

3. Playing the ‘ukulele can improve your health

Not only has it been proven that music can improve your mental health, it can also help with your physical health! Playing the ʻukulele requires you to use the muscles in your hands. Over time, you can increase your dexterity and hand strength.

4. ‘Ukuleles are great learning tools for music

The ʻukulele is a great tool to learn about music and basic music theory. The skills and knowledge that you develop from playing the ʻukulele can also help you learn other instruments. Some instruments can be difficult to learn, but having ʻukulele experience under your belt can lower the learning curve. 

5. ‘Ukuleles are fun!

The most important reason why you should play? It’s fun! Once you master the basics, you can learn to play many different songs. You can also meet other people who love the ‘ukulele as much as you do and have a jam session together!

Ready to get started? During our summer ʻUkulele Workshop, beginning and intermediate ʻukulele players have the opportunity to learn from local legends! Learn more about the ʻUkulele Workshop by Pacific Music Institute here.