Financial Aid

Hawaii Youth Symphony encourages any family needing assistance to submit an application to its Financial Aid program. Although all HYS programs are already subsidized to some degree, we also recognize that the cumulative costs of learning an instrument adds up. Thanks to generous donors, HYS has several funds to assist families with demonstrated financial need, though funds are limited. The HYS Financial Aid Program was started by Ms. Oliva DeJane, a philanthropist and music teacher who believed in the transformational power of music, and a desire to help make music affordable for all. HYS graciously accepts donations to further expand the fund. Our Board of Directors’ Finance Committee will review the pool of applications and assesses applicants’ needs for assistance. Awards will be based on financial need, not on the musical ability (merit) of the applicant. Each applicant will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision. All information provided will be held in strictest confidence. HYS reserves the right to request additional information if needed. Please note:

  • No person shall receive 100% tuition assistance.
  • All applicants can expect to pay, at minimum, 50% tuition to participate in HYS.
  • Students who live on the Neighbor Islands may also be eligible for assistance with travel (airfare) and lodging.
  • We are unable to award financial aid to persons who do not complete the Financial Aid Application.

Please see our Due Dates page for deadlines and how the Financial Aid process fits in with the Registration process.  

Financial Aid Application