recap of pmi 2021

Hybrid camp in 2021 was amazing, but can we get an encore? 100% in-person this time! 

For over 30 years, Pacific Music Institute has been a place where students from across Hawaiʻi, the mainland, and the Pacific Rim come together to make music with world-class instructors. After not being able to come together in 2020, we were very grateful to be able to provide hybrid camp options last year in PMI 2021. Our students met in small groups and it was amazing to see them playing together again after so many virtual rehearsals! 

This year, we’re bringing back our full band and symphony orchestra summer programs! We know it’s going to make a world of difference for our youth to play with a full ensemble again, but don’t take our word for it! Let students from our various music programs tell you all about it.

Solo & String Quartet ?

erin pmi 2021

“I had a great time in PMI making music and finally reconnecting with old friends. After such a long period of remote musical events, it was so nice to be able to connect again through music and perform again for loved ones. Thank you to everyone at PMI for making it all possible! ❤️ ”

– Erin Nishi, Class of 2021, Violin

angie pmi 2021

“Both of my online and in-person experiences during PMI were remarkable. I greatly enjoyed the PMI+ online program, where I got to learn about the history of Hawaiian music, how to practice as a violinist, the profession of being a musician, and much more. I felt so lucky to be able to connect with so many amazing people around the world; something that we could not do as much before the pandemic. On another note, the in-person activities were the highlight of my summer. They allowed me to once again realize how fun it is to make music with others. I really enjoyed PMI and I look forward to being a part of it again next year!”

– Angelina Pablo, Class of 2022, Violin

Jazz Intensive ?

xaden pmi 2021

“PMI has been a great experience for me and made lasting impacts on who I strive to be today. On Maui, there aren’t a lot of people my age who are really into music, but at PMI I found myself surrounded by people who were just as invested. Being able to learn from the amazing faculty and working with others my age was definitely the highlight of my PMI experience.”

 – Xaden Nishimitsu, Class of 2021, Trumpet

Ukulele Workshop ?

matin pmi 2021

“The reason why I love playing the ‘ukulele so much is because I grew up here. I am a classical musician so I often don’t get a lot of opportunities like this to play non-classical instruments. It’s a great way to go back to where my land is and I’m honored to be able to play here. I’m so excited to be able to learn ‘ukulele for the first time; I’ve never played it before!”

– Matin Boulos, Class of 2022, ‘Ukulele

If you love music and are looking for an incredible experience this summer, learn more about our 2022 summer music programs and register today!