Howzit – Do You Know What These Hawaiian Words Mean?

what is hawaiiana?

Howzit! You may know that Pacific Music Institute is a premier music camp where young musicians work with world-renowned instructors and make incredible progress on their playing. We find the best instructors from all over the world and bring them to Oʻahu so that local students, as well as students from the mainland and abroad, […]

Déjà Blues – How Well Do You Know Music History?

How Well Do You Know Music History?

Sometimes, we focus a lot on technique in music class and don’t always have time to dive into the rich history of music. Whether you’re a music history fan, or you just love music, we hope you have fun and learn something new. See how many of  these music history trivia questions you can get […]

Classical Remix – Do you know which classical piece inspired these songs?

Do you know which classical piece inspired these songs?

From pop hits to jazz jams, you may be surprised at how many popular songs have classical influences! We call it classical because of the lasting value it continues to have on the musical world. While almost all music must pay homage to the classics, you can actually hear specific classical pieces within some songs! […]

Rumor Brass It – Do You Truly Know Music?

rumor brass it music quiz

A Musical True/False Quiz! Whether you consider yourself a music buff, or you just dabble in music, rumor brass it there’s always room for more music knowledge! From classical symphonic, to jazz, to popular music, there are so many surprising music facts out there. No matter what you’re into, this musical true or false quiz […]

What Your Favorite Composer Says About You

what your favorite composer says about you

Who composed your favorite piece? These great composers had more to their personalities than first meets the ear! Their unique passions (other than composing!) are often reflected in their music. Tell us who your Top Artist is, and we’ll tell you what similarities you may share if you enjoy their music. Have fun! If you […]

The Summer Coda

pmi 2021 in review

“You can ask anyone on the street if they love music and nearly 100% of the people who respond will say they like music. You can’t get this kind of response with anything else.” – Conductor Elton Masaki As we wrap up a great summer of music making, we took some time to remember why […]

Tuned Up at the PMI eFestival

2021 PMI eFestival

What is Pacific Music Institute all about? Musicianship and fun, of course! Throughout our week-long summer camp, you’ll adventure into new styles of music, learn to overcome performance anxiety, and master all the tools our faculty of professional musicians use in their career. After a great week of getting to meet and work with some […]

Strum in the Sun

learn ukulele from jake shimabukuro

What does the perfect summer look like? Strumming in the sun, of course! We’re talking about strumming on the ukulele. Did you know…although the ukulele was patented in Hawaii and is often assumed to have been invented in our lovely islands, the instrument is actually of Portuguese origin. It was first introduced to Hawaii in […]

Tropical Trade Winds

pacific music institute hawaii

Here in Hawaii, we love the cool ocean breeze that, combined with our islands’ sunny weather, creates the perfect environment for surfing, beaching, hiking, and of course, practicing music! This summer the tropical trade winds we’re focused on are students like you! Do you play a wind, brass, or percussion instrument? Imagine a summer in […]

Meet the 2021 PMI Faculty!

Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Workshop

Our passionate team of instructors are ready for an awesome summer of music-making. Our talented faculty members are renowned musicians and passionate educators who make our program special for our students. We are proud to introduce you to our 2021 team of faculty members. With our incredible leaders Iggy Jang, Dean Taba, and Jake Shimabukuro […]