Meet the 2021 PMI Faculty!

Jake Shimabukuro Ukulele Workshop

Our passionate team of instructors are ready for an awesome summer of music-making. Our talented faculty members are renowned musicians and passionate educators who make our program special for our students. We are proud to introduce you to our 2021 team of faculty members. With our incredible leaders Iggy Jang, Dean Taba, and Jake Shimabukuro […]

Stringing Together Your Future

stringing together your future at pmi 2021

The summer provides an excellent chance to relax and spend time doing things you may not otherwise have time for during the academic year. One of those things is working toward your future. Don’t panic! We’re not telling you to sign-up for summer math classes, or sit at home watching informational YouTube videos. Summer is […]

5 Ways to Conduct the Perfect Summer

Conductor at the beach

No matter which season is your favorite, we all look forward to summer vacation! But do you ever feel like the reality doesn’t live up to your expectations? We spend so much time thinking, “can’t wait until summer is here!” that we forget to plan activities to build a summer that we’ll enjoy. After a […]

What Composition Is Your Life’s Theme Song?

movie theater

Do you ever feel like you’re the main character in a movie? Maybe it’s when you’re staring dramatically out of the window of a bus, or you’re walking down the street as it begins to rain. Either way, we all know music ties everything together so perfectly…especially in movies!  So, if your life really was […]

Can You Guess These December-Born Composers?

December calendar with music notes

  When December rolls around, a lot of us associate this time of the year with the holidays and spending time with our friends and family. But new people are born every single day of the year, which means there are a lot of birthdays in December! These birthdays often get overshadowed by other major […]

Can You Fill in the Missing Emoji to Name a Famous Classical Piece?

Can You Fill in the Missing Emoji to Name a Famous Classical Piece?

  At some point in life, we have the debate about the best classical music pieces of all-time. Okay, maybe not everyone has that discussion, but it’s one everyone should have!  It’s easy to say Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is the best classical piece of all time because nearly everyone is familiar with the name. […]

Which Composer Is Your Long-Lost Relative?

which classical composer is your long lost relative?

When genetic tests like 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA came out, a lot of us found long-lost relatives that we didn’t know about. Most of us weren’t related to a big-name celebrity (which was quite a bummer) but it’s still neat to learn where your family came from and to fill in gaps that […]

What Is Your Spirit Instrument?

student musician wondering which instrument to play

We’ve all had the thought at one point in our lives: “what instrument should I play?”  It’s a question we dwell on, but why? When it comes to music, it’s easy to sift through a variety of styles and genres to decide which kind of music we like. It’s nearly effortless. Eventually when our music […]

What Song Does Your Study Playlist Need?

Can't Study In Silence

School is back in session and, whether it’s online learning or in the classroom, that means something else is also making a comeback: studying! Studying is important so we can retain the knowledge we learn during class and apply it later on, in tests and quizzes as well as real life, but just because it’s […]