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For over 30 years, PMI has defined premier musical experiences for young musicians. In 2019, the Hawaii Youth Symphony and the National Orchestral Institute + Festival have partnered to create the Orchestral Learning Alliance (OLA). We continue to grow this exciting partnership bringing together some of the world’s brightest and most celebrated artist faculty. Beyond symphonic music, our programs have expanded to include a Jazz Intensive, String Quartet program, and ʻUkulele Workshop.

The universal joy of music connects us all, and there is a place for everyone at PMI. Broaden your musical horizon with us this summer and help keep music a vibrant part of our communities. Have a safe rest of the school year and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Hawaii Youth Symphony

HYS is Hawaiʻi’s only statewide orchestra program for youth, and a comprehensive community resource for orchestral music in Hawaiʻi. Each year, HYS serves approximately 650 students, ages 7-18, from nearly 100 schools on different islands – and from all skill levels. 

Hawaii Youth Symphony’s mission is to foster fun and creative experiences for youth that inspire a deep appreciation for music and lifelong relationships within the culture of our islands. Why? Music makes better communities. In addition to contributing to the cultural richness of society, it is clearly associated with academic and personal characteristics that correlate with developing well-educated young people necessary to preserve and carry forth the well-being of our communities.

By bringing together hundreds of youth from diverse backgrounds and schools, HYS’s strength lies not only in its reputation for unwavering musical excellence but in its ability to create common bonds around orchestral music. HYS’s commitment, however, goes beyond training young musicians. HYS gives its students the skills for lifelong learning and the foundation for becoming better citizens. By upholding its tradition of musical excellence, HYS is making a significant contribution to the future of music by developing new generations of musicians, and audiences with an appreciation for their music.

The Hawaii Youth Symphony has been incorporated since 1964 and is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our EIN is 99-0119771.