Conductor at the beach

No matter which season is your favorite, we all look forward to summer vacation! But do you ever feel like the reality doesn’t live up to your expectations? We spend so much time thinking, “can’t wait until summer is here!” that we forget to plan activities to build a summer that we’ll enjoy. After a tough year, we don’t want this summer to be another one of those “just okay” breaks and that’s why we’ve come up with 5 ways you can conduct the perfect summer! Keep reading to find out what they are.


1. Vacation (or Stay-cation) in Hawaii

Hawaii sunset

Sunny days, warm weather, world-famous beaches and hikes…need we say more? Anything you might have on your summer bucket list, you can find it in Hawaii! That’s what makes it the ultimate summer destination, plus it’s home to Hawaii’s best summer music camp 😉 

Do you already live in Hawaii? If so, then you know how lucky we are to get to call this beautiful paradise “home”! With our Pacific Music Institute, you’ll get to experience Hawaii in a new light and witness first-hand how the unique setting of our islands influences music.


2. Make New Friends

PMI solo & String quartet
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Everything’s better when you get to do it with friends, and that includes summer vacation! It makes every adventure, every laugh, and every moment, that much better and more memorable. Something great about friendships is that you can never have too many! If you’re looking for more friends, from around the world, who share your passion for music, look no further than Pacific Music Institute!

PMI 2021 will offer online-only options for any instrument, as well as hybrid online and in-person learning with small, chamber music-sized ensembles.


3. Play Music

hawaii string quartet

If you’re a music lover like we are, no day (let alone an entire summer) is complete without playing music and this summer should be no exception! Be sure to do more of what makes you happy, including continuing to play music. After all, doing the things that make you happy is what’s going to make this summer perfect!

Pacific Music Institute 2021 will offer solo & string quartets, workshops and sectionals for wind instruments, jazz, and ukulele!


4. Learn From World-Renowned Teachers

PMI conductor

Of course, summer is supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation- we all deserve a good break! But that doesn’t mean that we can let our hard work that we put in the rest of the year go to waste. There’s never a bad time to learn and continue improving your skills, especially when it comes to music! Pacific Music Institute is filled with world-renowned staff and faculty- like Jake Shimabukuro, National Orchestral Institute faculty members, and more- who are guaranteed to help you expand your musical abilities.


5. Have Fun!

ukulele fun

The most important factor to having a perfect summer is to have fun! We may be musicians, not mathematicians, but we’re pretty sure that Vacation in Hawaii + New Friends + Playing Music + Learning From World-Renowned Teachers = Major Fun!

Don’t just dream of the perfect summer, make it a reality at Pacific Music Institute, Hawaii’s best summer music camp!